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Snow Removal SERVICES

Book Now! October until March - "Early Bird Specials Available"


Snow removal services by Finstad Contracting are now completely "GREEN".

Although our residential services have always been done by hand to retain perfect quality of workmanship. Our ice-melt is now grass and pet friendly for those who wish to retain their landscaping without damage, as well safe for those who are pet owners.

Additionally: on those heavy-dump days; yes. even our snow blowers are completely environmentally safe! No gas! Whatsoever! Portable battery powered blowers. Not only safer for the environment, but almost completely silent!

 So we won't wake you while your cozied up in your home this winter season.

Enjoy all the benefits of snow removal this season with Finstad Contracting. Were ready for it. Are you?

Snow Removal Services for FREE!   (Contact us for details)

Refer your neighbors and receive $$$ off your monthly services until it's FREE!

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Snow Removal Services
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