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TESTIMONIALS   We Would Love To Hear From You

Keith from Capitol Hill: Wonderful job on the foundation. (we repaired it) They did such a great job, I also had them pour a concrete pad while they were here. Thanks

Bruce from CWC: Great job

Salan (Anonymous): I had them spray my ceilings in all of my condo's! I was so happy with their work. Good job Ryan

Perfect job for the concrete pad. They were in and out in 2 days. Thank you


Ken from Mckenzie Town

High quality service, professional and friendly Finstad Contracting: Polite, knowledgeable staff. Professional, quality workmanship. Great rates! Competitive pricing.


- F C 7/3/2015

Hard working and innovative

Wow. What a great job you did on our stucco. You can't even see where it was patched. Also I would have never known how much I was being over charged and lied to about what needed to be done. Your one of a kind and talented at that."


- Sindy R. 7/3/2015


Penny from Deer Run:  Thank you for the new roof it looks great! They let me pay 2 months from completion. I even had enough money left over to pay them to clean my backyard!

Finstad Contracting is a professional, family run business with impeccable personal relations. Any customer service received will be a delight! Free Estimates are also appreciated

- F C 7/3/2015

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